[Cyworld] 100615 Yoogeun's Mom, Yoogeun miss which appa??

2010. 06. 15 화 00:13

쇼파에 앉아있다 갑자기
온유아빠 보고싶다.
그러는것이 아니던가. !!
키아빠도 아니고 민호아빠도 아니고.
유근에게 다시 물어보니
다시한번 이런다 온유아빠보고싶어~
아쿠야. ..
유근이도 문득문득 그때가 생각이 나나부다.
엄마도 될수있음 안잊게 할려고
아빠들 소식들도 유근에게 전해주고
영상도 보여주고하는데..
시간이 갈수록 말도 잘하니
이제서야 그때일들이 떠오를때면 말로 표현해주는구나.
유근이가 커서도 기억할수있게 엄마는 도와줄께.
넘넘 소중했던 추억인데. 니가 어렸단 이유로
커가면서 잊혀진다는건
엄만 원치않다..

English Translation :

was seating on the sofa when suddenly,
he said:
"I miss Onew appa."
I didn't think it could be.!!
It wasn't even Key appa or Minho appa.
I asked Yoogeuni again
He said that again,
I miss Onew appa~

Yoogeuni also thinks back from time to time.
Umma will also, without forgetting, try to
tell yoogeun about his appas news
showing him their videos..
As time pass, he can speak well
and if he remembers the things in the past he can express them well.
I will be an umma that helps yoogeun to remember even if he grows up.
It was a very very precious memory.
I do not want you to forget those memories because you were young...

dc shinee, SHINee soompi thread

translated by lala_land

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