[Announcement] DKP's June Recruitment!

Please note that we will be recruiting monthly starting this month.

You can apply to become a member of DKP's Family every month from 16th to 20th.

If you are worried that you have to spend hours daily to become a contributor,then you are wrong,we will assign you a daily posting time (one hour per day) and you only need to contribute 2 posts on that time daily.

But of course you must be able to fulfill some simple conditions here before applying.

1.) Must be able to write in english (At least your grammar is correct)
2.)Have Blogger.com account and know exactly how to post using blogger.
3.) Must know how to embed Youtube video and resize it to 580 Width.
4.)Must be active on both Twitter and Facebook.

Please take note that we are looking for contributors who can be active from 12PM KST to 6PM KST (You only need to be active on any one hour within the period)

Fill in the form below and send to kpoplove@live.co.uk 

Twitter Link:
Facebook Link:
Active Period Between 12PM to 6PM KST (example 1PM - 2PM KST):

Please take note that you will have to pass another test after submitting the form below,we will inform you through the test via emali,good luck and hope that you can become DKP's new member!