[video] Super Junior's Boom Boom is a remake?

Look's like it. Super Junior's follow up song "Boom Boom" is a remake of a song by Ray Lavender. I do not know Ray Lavender, and this is the first time I heard of his name but oh well.. back to the story.

Check out the original version:
Ray Lavender - Reverse HQ

Super Junior's version:

The song was originally written and composed by Ray Lavender along with some other guys and SM Entertainment bought the rights to the song for a remake, Just like SM bought the rights for Run Devil Run which was supposed to be for ke$ha.

What do you think? i personally like Super Junior's version better, do you have to ask? hardcore ELF right here :))

but seriously, biases aside, Ray did a good job, but with 10 sexy guys singing the song It's just a clear shot whose the winner :))

CREDITS: Salmonsushi @ sj-world for the info; MrHighQualityMusic and Mickysshi @ Youtube + Blueprincess824 @ dailykpopneww