[video] SooHyun of Ukiss and Dongjoon of ZE:A kissed at Idol League??

On the second episode of Idol League which aired last May 11, there was a shocking incident during one of the games!

ZE:A and U-kiss are playing games against each other where they are separated into two teams. In one of the games, 1 member from each group must identify the object without looking at it and must only feel, smell or taste it. Whoever says the correct answer first will get a point.

In this game, SooHyun was the representative from U-kiss team and Dong joon was the representative from the ZE:A team.

The MC made fun of them and said that he will place it in between their faces and they must bite or taste it in order to know what it is. The MC brought the object and said go and Soohyun made a grab to bite the object but the MC took it back and hid it and in the end...

It was Soohyun trying to bite off DongJoon's face where Dongjun was struggling not knowing what was happening and had his mouth wide open, and then..... the kissing scene in accident.

They had no idea where the object was because they weren't allowed to look thus this accident :D I seriously screamed when I saw this! Check out the video:

credits: TheJessicababo @ youtube

In this part, Dongjoon was so shocked with the "object" and screamed "MOTHER FATHER" which crackep up the entire staff.

This variety program is a must watch! 2 episodes have been aired. Check out this channel for the full episodes: s0shikim @ Youtube

CREDITS: Blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews