[video] SNSD Yoona's sexy dance that knocked down the army soldiers!

As reported earlier. Family Outing 2 went to a military base to surprise the soldiers and entertain them with their singing and dancing skills. They performed Hyuna's Change, Jo Kwon of course performed "I Did Wrong" featuring Taecyeon, and the highlight of the show was SNSD Yoona's solo debut stage with her sexy dance that knocked down the soldiers from it's hotness.

Yoona didn't have the rest of the SNSD members to back her up on this one, She had the stage for herself marking a very interesting performance.

She performed to Beyonce feat. Jay-Z's "Deja Vu".

The first part of the video showed her practicing her performance with the shy smile that went along with it and looks like the male family members were pretty happy with the exclusive performance yoona showed them.

Literally when Yoona started to dance the army soldiers jumped from the seats and started screaming like crazy, they were waving their hands like crazy shouting yoona's name. Clearly these army soldiers have been deprived off entertainment for quite some time :)

Yoona started with a cute dance and I think i have been talking too much so here is the video:

credits: CrazyCarrot310 @ youtube