[Picture] Goo Hye Sun shares a 2nd poster for her movie

After revealing the first poster for 'Yosul' early this month, Goo Hye Sun shared a second poster for the movie she directed via twitter. Looking forward to the movie, sounds like a good plot and the posters are looking good.

'Yosul' or Magic in English, is Goo Hye Sun's first movie as a director after directing a short film titled 'A Pleasant Helper' last year.

Original tweet:
두번째 포스터 입니다. 맨발로 눈밭을 걸은 배우 서현진씨. 감사합니다.http://twitpic.com/1rpf9s

It's the second poster. Actor Seo Hyun Jin walked barefooted on snow. Thank you.

Twitter: @koohs