[News]T-ara Hyomin, "'Invincible Youth' Yuri, Sunny, Hyuna.. I love you"

T-ara's Hyomin posted a kind message on her Cyworld wishing goodbye to her fellow KBS 2TV "Invincible Youth" cast mates Yuri, Sunny and Hyuna.

Hyomin's farewell message said, “I had a lot of fun every week both during and after filming. I got really close to girls. This kind of feels like, how do I say this.... like my really close friend is transferring to another university. But to like a really close university? For sure we can call and meet up often, but I’m still sad. Although this is a sad farewell, let us all smile and leave this as a good memory! Invincible Youth never loses! Invincible Youth fighting! Saranghae, I love you~....♥”

The current members of Invincible Youth consit of Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha (29), Secret Han Sunhwa (20), KARA Goo Hara (19) T-ara's Hyomin (19) and the newly announced f(x) Victoria (23).

translation: nathaniel @ tiaradiadem