[NEWS] ZE:A Kicks Off Their Asian Tour This Week

After they sang the days of the week in their debut single ‘Mazeltov‘ last January, and followed it up with their second single album ‘Leap for Detonation’ in April, the 9 member boy group ZE:A will be kicking off their five-country Asia tour this week.

Yes, you read it right! Even though they just debuted 4 months ago, rookie idol group ZE:A will be taking their show on the road. The tour kicks off on June 2nd at Yokohama, Japan then off to Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong in the following months.

According to an official statement from Star Empire Entertainment, the boys were grateful for the enormous attention and affection they have received from their Asian fans. The representative added, “We are pleased yet surprised to receive a passionate response from fans overseas.”

As we all know, it is quite surprising for a newcomer to go on an Asian tour since it is accustomed among idol groups to usually wait about a year before touring for concerts. Don’t you think it’s time for these boys to break that habit? Well whatever happens, we are hoping for a huge success!

Meanwhile, the boys are currently rehearsing for their Japan concert this Wednesday and are said to be preparing a surprise event for their Korean fans as well. What could it be?

Child of Empire, Z:EA's Fans ready to hear their voice in your country!

Source: Yun Tae Hui @asiae.co.kr
Credit : Kpoplive