[news] YongHwa get's jealous after Jungshin teaches Seohyun how to play the bass

On the latest episode of We got married, Seohyun visited the Head quarters of CNBlue in their practice room where all their recording and musical instruments are located. While Seohyun was there, Seohyun got to be taught by the members how to play the instruments.

Bassist Jungshin started to teach her first how to play the bass and in the process Jungshin and Seohyun had a lot of physical contact which made YongHwa mad and sparks of jealousy started flying.

YongHwa even moved the hand of Jungshin away from SeoHyun's guitar YongHwa looked like he was really jealous when Jungshin got to touch the fingers of SeoHyun while teaching her. Jungshin said she was good at the bass but Seohyun said she likes the normal guitar more which made YongHwa happy.

MinHyuk the drummer of the band also taught SeoHyun how to play the drums, likewise there were some physical contact and YongHwa watched with anger and jealousy. It was as if there were dark clouds on top of is head and his face cannot be painted from his anger making the other member's laugh from his reaction.

Looks like the awkwardness from the couple is rapidly disappearing as the couple is getting closer and more comfortable with each other. Seohyun learned how to cook just so she can cook for their housewarming party in their house with CNBlue members and SNSD.

Source: Newsen
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews