[News] Xiah Junsu's Solo Single Pre-ordered 160 000 Copies - Sales Reach 3 Billion Won!

Tohoshinki's Xiah Junsu's first solo single in Japan has reached the pre-order sales of 3 billion Won!
His solo single will be released in Japan on May 26. Xiah Junsu's side has expressed, "there have been 160 000 pre-ordered copies in Japan already. CD's have 75 000 copies, DVD's including the special edition copy has 85 000 copies".

Looking at it through the amount of money, it has an approximately 3 billion Won value, making Xiah Junsu's popularity unable to be defeated!

What makes it particular is that this will be Xiah Junsu's first solo single after his groups' suspension of activities and before his activities as a unit, which attracts more attention from Japanese fans.

On May 2, his single's PV was released and also received a lot of attention, with the number of views increasing tremendously online, once again proving Xiah Junsu's immense popularity.

Included in the solo is the song "Kanashimi No Yukue", which will be the theme song for TBS drama "Love Letter, After 5 Years" set to air on May 26.

Involved in the lawsuit conflict with SM, Tohoshinki members Xiah Junsu, Hero Jaejoong, and Micky Yoochun will hold Dome fan-meetings in Tokyo and Osaka in June.

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