[NEWS] U-Kiss in Singapore on June 20!

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First hand news! Kpop boyband U-Kiss will be in Singapore on the 20th of June, 30 days from now.

U-Kiss came to Singapore previously in 2008 for the "Korean Pop Night" concert. After 2 years, they will come back to Singapore for the 2nd time on the 20th next month.

Although the news of U-Kiss coming to Singapore was only confirmed today, news of them coming here was released before hand so it has been a hot topic among U-Kiss fans online, and some fans are already making plans to follow them, looking for people to join them online.

When SHINee was in Singapore, they caused a chaotic scene with fans queuing overnight, taking over the shopping mall and even causing traffic jams. With U-Kiss coming while Singapore is hit by Kpop fever, it looks like it will cause the Hallyu wave to rise.

To date, before U-Kiss was confirmed to come to Singapore, they are holding a fanmeeting on the 19th of June in Malaysia. A month ago, the 7 members filmed a teaser, using Korean, English, Mandarin, Malay and Cantonese to "date" their fans and it has hit over 20,000 views on YouTube.

After their Malaysia fanmeet, U-Kiss will come to Singapore and what activities will they carry out? During our interview with Warner Music, the details have not been confirmed and hence not made public yet.

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