[News] U-KISS Dongho "Flutters When Seeing Nuna Singers On Stage"

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U-KISS's Dongho confessed that his heart will secretly flutter if the nuna singers were on stage.

On the May 2nd broadcast of SBS TV 'Quiz! Sixth Sense', Dongho made a confession "I have been fluttered whenever I see female singers on stage".

Dongho was asked the question "When is the time that you feel like a close friend with the opposite sex?" where he answered "When I watch the nuna colleagues singing passionately on stage, I suddenly sees them really pretty".

Hearing this, Kim Changryul exposed "Dongho really likes girls" but comedian Yoon Jeongsu defended Dongho by saying "It's natural, he's at the age where there are lots of curiosity."

This episode will be aired on May 2nd at 10:45 am.

Credits: TVDaily (Source) + Mimi@contiukiss (Eng)