[news] Tiffany and Yuri will be taking a 3 week break as MC's in Music Core

Current MC's of music program MBC Show! Music core Tiffany and Yuro of SNSD will be taking a break from their MC duties for the upcoming three weeks after the 29th of May.

SM Entertainment said that SNSD has to take a break and will be recharging before they proceed to their oversea's promotions. Tiffany and Yuri will also be taking a break and will not be the MC's in Music Core for Three weeks. This leave's the MC spots empty for 3 weeks.

The temporary replacement's for Yuri and Tiffany has still not been decided. They will be resting as well as the other member's who pulled out from their fixed guesting appearances in variety programs.

Source: starnews
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews