[news] Taekyeon grew up in Busan and lived there for 10 years!

It was known that 2pm member Taekyeon has lived his childhood in Busan!

At the KBS entertainment program "Entertainment Tonight" that aired last May 22, 2pm were the guests on the show. The broadcast showed the 2pm members going around the streets of Incheon surrounded by a lot of fans. They had a good time roaming around and doing interviews.

However, the MC took the opportunity to ask Taekyeon about his drama "Cinderella Sister" He asked about the dialect Taekyeon used during the show, since Taekyeon grew up in the states, it was quite weird he had a dialect in Korean.

Taekyeon revealed that It was not true that he grew up in Boston. He lived for 10 years in Busan thus growing up there and lived for 6 years in Boston.

That was the reason why Taekyeon had such dialect on "Cinderella Sister" since he lived in Busan longer than he lived in the states. The MC had a funny reaction at the fact that Taekyeon revealed because he always thought Taekyeon grew up in the states.

Source: Osen
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews