[News] TaecYeon’s present to YoonA on her coming-to-age day garners attention

It seems like the scandal(?) between 2PM TaecYeon and So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA is sparked off again with news that TaecYeon has given YoonA a perfume during her coming-of-age day.

YoonA had her coming-of-age day previously on 17th, and the 2 of them were present for the filming of SBS Family Outing 2 where WonderGirls are also the guest appearances on the show.

And TaecYeon remembered that it was the coming-of-age day for YoonA and prepared a present for her during the filing of ‘memory’s meeting’ corner on the show. YoonA seem surprised with the present and said, “Even though I’ve received well wishes for my coming-of-age, this is the first present that I’ve received. I didn’t expect this and I’m touched.”

The other guest appearances, seeing this, commented, “The 2 of them, are they really dating? They need to explain this,” but the 2 had seemed cool at the comments.

Meanwhile, this episode of the show is set to air on 30th May.