[News] Taecyeon leaves a message on their fancafe

On the 28th of May, fans were delighted to find Ok Taecyeon’s message on a fancafe. Taecyeon left a message to thank fans for their support despite Chansung and Junsu falling ill during their promotions. He also promised to work even more and ask fans to anticipate their next comeback.

Translated message under the cut:
[Taecyeon] HOTTESTS~

Thank you so much for always watching over and taking care of us.

Actually, we were taken by surprise as Junsu got injured suddenly, and we were worried that it would disrupt our album preparation activities,

And with Chansung getting ill, we regret that we couldn’t finish album activities well. We’re really sorry about that.
In order to repay the love you’ve showed us,
we’re going to work even more.
With the new upcoming album, we’re going to show you our new selves.
We’re always thankful. We love you.
Dont! Stop! Cant! Stop! 2! P! M!

Credit: Daum Cafe | Kor-Eng by Egle @2pmalways.com