[NEWS] T-ara JiYeon’s Fake Twitter Account

Nowadays, Korean celebrities are actively opening Twitter accounts. But beware of fake accounts which shamelessly tweet on behalf of the real celebrities!

Recently, T-ara’s JiYeon was also spotted as a victim of fake accounts.

The netizen pretended as JiYeon by posting tweets such as “Just finished filming Death Bell 2. I don’t like scary things. But I ended the filming excitedly.”

He/she also followed other famous celebrities like Jo Kwon, etc and boldly introduced him/herself by tweeting, “Hello. I’m T-ara’s JiYeon. I started to use Twitter.”

However, after 2 hours the netizen started to feel guilty and voluntarily confessed by writing:

“I’m sorry to T-ara fans. I’m not T-ara’s JiYeon. This account is fake. I’m lonely so I made this account. I’m really sorry. I’m also sorry to JiYeon. I will not commit any bad things again, such as faking. I’m really sorry.”

This is not the first case of netizen faking celebrities’ accounts. Previously, there were also some fake accounts of Lee Hyori, Rain, Kim Hyunjoong (SS501), Taecyeon (2PM), etc.

Well, it’s good for the netizen to confess and apologize. These are prime examples of what silly netizens do on their free time. Next time anyone gets bored or feels lonely, how about spending time reading news on KPOPLIVE and making friends with other KPOPLIVE readers?

Credit: Diadem Forums
Source : KpopLive.com