[NEWS] Super Junior Shindong’s Wedding Ceremony? “Not sure if all the members decide not to attend the wedding”

Super Junior member Shindong proposing to his girlfriend through the 4jib became a hot topic.
In a recent interview conducted, Shindong expressed his views on hoping to “get married within this year” has caused a lot of attention from the public, the members looked at Shindong as he said jokingly, “I’m not sure if the members decide not to attend my wedding”.
Regarding about his marriage, Shindong says “Although we have not officially sent gifts to both parties, we have already met parents from both sides.”
He said “After announcing that he was dating, his girlfriend was more exhausted that what he had imagined. This is because her name appeared in the news thus receiving attention. Although she was afraid that there will be lots of burdens, on the other side she feel that it was very interesting.” He then continued saying “no matter what I say, we were extra careful when we meet.”
Shindong who hopes to get married within this year said “Although I proposed through the album but my girlfriend still have not given me her response.” About Shindong’s marriage, the members kept saying “Shindong is the most handsome guy ever”
Leeteuk responded to Shindong’s public proposal saying that “Because it’s Shindong thus this kind of proposal is possible. When we were shooting for the posters, I saw Shindong writing something while looking at the keyboard seriously, Shindong had worked so hard but we did not see it.” expressing his admiration.
Heechul said “I know Shindong(public proposal) said that there is a girl that he likes, it’s very suave and by right I should clap for him, but after thinking it through I thought that he was really suave that he even wrote her name down!” responding to Shindong’s positive attitude towards the strategy he approach for his love with a smile.
Regarding “who will sing the wedding song”, Yesung answered jokingly that “If Shindong gets married, he’ll sing ‘Love Really Hurts’,”. The members say “we should all give him our blessings sincerely but we’re not sure if all members will be attending the wedding ceremony or not”. By playing a joke on Shindong who felt nervous in his heart has shown us the childish side of Super Junior.
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Original Article: TV Daily
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