[News] Super Junior Album Sales High As Ever.

It's been roughly two weeks since Super Junior's 4th album has been released and now, it's hitting music charts like crazy. According to Hanteo (Korean music website), Super Junior has reached and pretty much secured it's spot as number one album. Following Super Junior is 4minute with their album 'Hit Your Heart' and Rain with his latest album 'Back to The Basic'.

  1. Super Junior - Bonamana (Version A)
  2. 4minute - Hit Your Heart
  3. Rain - Back To The Basic
  4. Super Junior - Bonamana (Version B)
  5. MBLAQ - Y
  6. CN Blue - Blue Love
It's no surprise really, about how successful Super Junior's 4th album has been. I mean, a group of good looking guys plus voices which could be classified as a work of art and funky dance moves, who wouldn't love them?

And not to mention how great the tracks on the album are, with great hits like Bonamana, Boom Boom and Shake it Up! As well as some dance hits, they have also added a few ballads. Some such as One Fine Spring Day and Coagulation.

Also, congratulations to MBLAQ and CN Blue!