[news] SNSD Taeyeon to have a kissing scene for her musical!

SNSD Taeyeon who will be having her music debut through "Song of the Sun", she will be in a touching kissing scene in the musical.

On the Seoul Sejong Cultural Center last 7pm at the M Musical Theatre, they were having a rehearsal stage for the musical and in the story, her boyfriend "Go Jun Sik" will be singing a sweet love song "Yesterday its you, Tomorrow its you" and was directing to a beautiful kissing scene.

In the movie, originally there was a kissing scene but in Taeyeon's case it was only a lip-touch, and even asked the seniors if its really necessary to have a kissing scene and they said yes. Although she did not know what to do she was able to deliver the acting.

She is playing the role of Koaru who is diagnosed with 'xeroderma pigmentosa'. Taeyeon showed great singing abilities and also acting abilities that impressed the staff as well as fans.

Meanwhile, the musical will progress until May 29.

Source: Newsen + nate
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews