[news] Seo In Young talks about her solo debut and album to be released on June 1

Seo In Young after debuting in the music industry with Jewelry for 8 years now will be launching her solo debut.

Seo In Young's first solo album which is a mini album containing special ballad songs will be released this June 1 after being delayed frm release. This will be Seo In Young's first stage alone after leaving Jewelry last January.

Seo In Young said that, "Since High School I was a part of Jewelry and Jewelry will always be a part of me and my love for them still remains" she continues on, "Because of these feelings I decided to take time to prepare a couple of ballad songs and recorded it for my Solo album". Seo In Young joined in Jewelry back in 2002.

Seo In Young also shared that she felt as if she graduated from the girl group and It will be hard for her to perform alone since she has been performing with Jewelry for 8 years, but she is also receiving help from the members and encouraging her as well to achieve her dream for a solo career.

She said, "I know there are a lot of expectations for my solo debut, As i progress I will try my best and work even harder".

Seo In Young also talked about a dance ballad song that is part of her solo album. She said, "I have been wanting to show my sexy side, this song particularly offers a different look and side of me",

"In my album I wanted to show a more natural look that shows a lot of emotions and feelings which are best expressed in ballads also why I chose to do ballads", she then said, "This album is for the fans and also a preparation for more to come in the future" She said with a smile.

Seo In Young also gave a sneak peak on the future, "But anytime I can also dance, I will be having dance songs in a new album coming soon" She said.

Source: Starnews
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews