[news] Rain reveals that he is, "The King of Asia"

Rain said a surprising revelation by saying that, "I'm the King of Asia".

On May 21, Rain was a guest n KBS Sketchbook and there was a talk about his popularity declining after all the new idol's arriving the music industry. He was asked by the MC what he thinks about this.

Rain replied with modesty and pure honesty and he already perceived sooner or later that his popularity will decline but He loves what he doing and since his comeback he even joked that he has become more popular. He sealed the question by saying, "I am the King of Asia" with the audience cheering him on.

The MC even joked that she feels small sitting next to the King of Asia. After this rain said that surely by the next day articles about it will sure to rise.

Source: Newsen
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews

*The article was about how he felt that ever since his debut and when he went to the states and now made a comeback that his popularity "declined" because there were new idol's now, but he is just saying that he loves to do music and he already knows that there would be a time that his fans would decline due to new idol's coming.