[NEWS] Night Star PD: "Onew: Possibilities of being a MC in the future is very big"

The PD for KBS2's new variety show "Overnight variety Night Star" has shown satisfaction towards the newly challenged MC, SHINee's Onew. The PD in charge of the show "Night Star" Jo Seung Wook made a telephone call to the reporters on the 13th and said: " Over the past 7 days we've done our first recording, Onew has worked very hard, can see that the possibilities of him to become an MC in the future is very big."

"After watching "Star Golden Bell" and other variety shows, I felt that Onew could do do this, that's why I picked Onew", Jo PD said "Within the popular group SHINee, Onew can sing well and have lots of different talents, especially giving people a very good image unlike an idol's, and giving a sense of maturity which matches this show."

"Night Star" consists of: Onew, Gil, Shin Dong Yup, Yoon Jong Shin and Jang Hang Joon; 5 MCs who will travel on a mobile recording truck across Korea to find those who cannot sleep and work hard at night. The first broadcast of the show will be on 16th at 11:15pm.

Meanwhile, Onew has been acting in a musical "Brothers Were Brave" recently, challenging in many different fields.

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