[NEWS] MBLAQ's Joon in the U.S., was once posed as Rain

Lee Joon on the 20th of the show in KBS 2TV 'Happy Together' season 3's Sauna Corner, revealed that in the U.S. he himself has mistaken himself multiple times as Rain.

He said, "In the production of Ninja Assassin, there were people who mistook me as Rain several times" and he found himself saying that he was, which caused a roar of laughter throughout the whole room.
He added, "When Rain-hyung was producing, I posed as him" and even gave people signatures from people who mistook him as Rain, which caused even more laughter.

On the other hand, on that day the MCs questioned Rain and Hyori, "Didn't you two have a scandal together about a dance?" and to this Hyori replied, "I think it happened through the radio."

On this day Rain and Hyori revealed that the 'radio scandal' was made up by a bunch of elementary schooler's jokes and proved the rumor to be false.

Source: TV Daily
Translation: joonieboo @ AbsoluteMBLAQ
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