[NEWS] MBLAQ GO, "Rain is very scary in private"

MBLAQ GO exposed on the show that Rain is very scary in private, causing everyone to burst in laughter.

On May 1st's broadcast of SBS Haha Mong Show, MC Haha, MC Mong, and also Narsha and Gain (Brown Eyed Girls), Hyoyeon and Sooyoung (SNSD), GO (MBLAQ), Key (SHINee), and guests Seungri and Daesung (Big Bang) showed their fun talking skills.

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MC Mong asked GO, "Has your boss ever told you not to date? How is Rain?". MBLAQ is an 5-member idol group raised by Rain. GO answered, "Boss Rain said, if there really is a girl we like, we should tell him. He even said that he would provide a secret place for us to meet up." This led to all the celebrity guests' envy.

But later, GO said, "But if I do say this I'm dead. Boss Rain will surely scold me and say, "Don't you want to rehearse anymore?" GO's scared expression led to everyone bursting out in laughter.

Source: Review Star
Chinese translation: '24/7.園 @ MBLAQCHINA
English translation: bibimbap @ ABSOLUTEMBLAQ