[News] Lee Minho is a “20 Billion Won” CF King

Lee Minho has been dubbed as Korea’s CF King! Recent published report has it that the actor has branched on to more bluechip deals after he finished filming for drama ‘Personal Taste’. In total, he is said to have surpassed the 20 Billion Won mark after bagging endorsement deals for clothing, make-up and food labels. Meanwhile, advertisers also express their views on his popularity and bankabale endorsements.

Once he finished filming the MBC Wednesdays & Thursdays drama, Personal Taste, he began to endorse different brands as a model, and was known as a blue chip for endorsements. He is endorsing Trugen for a manly clothing brand, and for a casual clothing brand, he is endorsing BangBang. He is also endorsing Etude House for a make up brand, and is currently a CF model for Banana Milk.
He was signed with Trugen and Etude House for over a year now as a CF model. He modeled for Lotte Pie in Vietnam and received recognition as a hallyu star. A CF representative stated, “Lee Min Ho’s body is worth as a top class for CF modeling. The current endorsements that he has probably surpass 20 billion won (approx. $16.3 million USD) just for CF modeling.”

After Lee Min Ho filmed “Personal Taste,” it has been reported that he is endorsing another CF. Lee Min Ho’s company’s representative stated, “We are still discussing it. We will make an announcement once the contract is signed.”
Lee Min Ho made most of his money through his major project in “Personal Taste.” “Personal Taste” is a 16 episodes drama, and he received about 60 billion won (approx. $49 million USD) from it. Compared to its rival drama, KBS 2TV “Cinderella’s Sister,” it is quite a huge amount although it did not do too well in terms of ratings.
Another advertisement industry expert explained, “The advertisers chooses their actors for their commercial models by their popularity with viewers. Because of this, advertisers endorses the actors as much as possible so that they can create a great project for the product. From a drama that is only a mini series, he’s making quite a lot of money.”
Original Source: sportshankook.co.kr
Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World