[news] Kikwang's first in a lifetime blind date

Beast-dol BEAST's Lee Kikwang had his first in a lifetime blind date.

Through MBC TV 'Sunday Sunday Night - Hot Brothers', Lee Kikwang was able to have his first blind date.

When beast-dol Lee Kikwang entered, the blind date girl's eye changed. Once the blind date started, with Tak Jaehoon's coaching, he was able to show his unending charms.

Lee Kikwang's charismatic dance that melts the hearts of the noonas as well his cute aegyo (T/N- acting cute) and shot winks at her. Even with avatar owner Tak Jaehoon's mischievous missions, he was able to finish his first blind date with no problems.

Lee Kikwang's first blind date will be aired on this coming 27th at 8:50 PM.

CREDITS: tvdaily (SOURCE); glfishyy@B2ST Rising (TRANS)