[NEWS] Jokwon replaces Taeyeon on Win Win for one day. His ratings?

2AM Jokwon attempted to become a one day MC on 'Win Win'.

KBS 2TV 'Win Win' that was aired on May 4th, Jokwon became the MC in place of Taeyeon who went overseas for a concert, gaining a lot of attention from the viewers with his wit and skillful talking.

When Jokwon, who has the nickname of 'Kkab Kwon', was asked how he was going to handle MC 'Ggong Seungwoo', he answered with a shocking reply saying that 'For ggong, there is kkab' making many people burst out laughing.

Also on this day, '1.5 factor' Park Myungsoo appeared as a guest who yelled 'What are you doing after you invited a star' also creating a lot of laughter.

On the other hand, with Jokwon's surprise appearance, the viewers said "even though Park Myungsoo was funny, Jokwon was really funny too", "Jokwon is so cute", "Without surprise he's Kkab Kwon, he shows his talents on talk shows too!" expressing their pleasure

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