[news] Has YongHwa lost his couple ring with make believe wife Seohyun?

Netizens has spotted that Jung Yong Hwa of CNBlue had a little crisis during CNBlue's comeback performance at MBC Music Core last May 22.

While they were performing, netizens spotted that Yong Hwa lost his couple ring with his "we got married" wife" SeoHyun. During the performance, Yong Hwa was seen with the ring on his fourth finger but after a while, netizens spotted that he lost it as the ring was gone after a few moments. YongHwa has dropped the ring and was looking for it during their performance.

Netizens saw that YongHwa was embarrassed and was flustered and tried to look for the ring on the floor. Netizens with their eagle eyes posted screen captures showing that YongHwa has indeed lost the ring.

However, by May 23 at the SBS Inkigayo comeback performance, Netizens spotted that YongHwa was wearing the ring which showed that he found the ring after all.

Meanwhile, CNBlue's album is doing well on the charts as well as they are garnering more interest from fans with their new album.

Source: newsen
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews