[News] Hankyung & ZhouBiChang records duet across seas for 2010 Asian Games

The 2010 Asian Games, a major event that is much anticipated among Asian countries would be held in GuangZhou. In this gathering of Asia's top athletes, China atheletes would work hard for the glory of their country while the theme song of the games 《亚运有我精彩之吉》 would be the source of encouragement for the GuangZhou 2010 Asian Games

New generation of stars come together to sing for the Asian Games
Being the male star singer that has the most infectious stage presence in the Chinese music scene, Hangeng's voice sends out the feeling that would make people want to dance to the beat. This has allowed him to win the newcomer award at the Meng Niu Music Billboard Ceremony. To cheer on the Asian Games, Hangeng has put in all his effort to give the song a new dance beat, hoping that the song would be a strong encouragement to all present at the Asian Games, using his voice and dance to express his passion and energy.

Zhou BiChang & Hangeng records duet across seas, new generation of stars take over the baton to sing for the Asian Games
Through《亚运有我精彩之吉》, it would be the first time for Zhou BiChang and Hangeng to be working together. Zhou BiChang and Hangeng carried out the recording process in Mainland China and Taiwan respectively, recording the Asian Games theme song across seas.

After these top stars, Zhou BiChang and Hangeng, the two stars from the new generation of singers have taken over their seniors, becoming the new ‘Asian Games singers’, working together for the newest Asian Games theme song 《亚运有我精彩之吉》. As they sang, Zhou BiChang and Hangeng stuck to their own style of singing while focusing on combining their voices together to search for the best way to perform as a duet. Performed it in a manner that is open but does not cause it to loose it’s energy, the song makes one feel inspired after listening to it. Zhou BiChang and Hangeng’s pairing of voices is seemingly perfect, showing the best of harmony in their voices.

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