[news] Haha’s jealousy against 2PM? “These relentless kids”

Singer Haha shows his little jealousy for 6-member male idol group 2PM.

Haha wrote on his Twitter on 10th May, “2pm! These relentless kids! They are so relentless…” and uploaded a video, and in the video he said, “Really cool, 2PM. These relentless kids! Really cool!” and then he went up to 2PM JunHo and gave him a hi-five afterwhich Haha feigned being knocked out cool by the hi-five.

He also uploaded a video of the WonderGirls’ performance, “Seeing the WonderGirls after so long, daebak right?”. The videos were taken during the recent KMF in Hollywood Bowl.

c: Sookyeong