[News] Goo Hye Sun’s new movie ‘Yosul’ poster revealed

Goo Hye Sun’s new directed film ‘Yosul’ movie poster was revealed on the Jeonju International Firm Festival on 8th May 2010.

Yosul’ is a story about the love, passion and competition of young students who study in a art school. The debut of the movie poster is very special. The movie was name ‘Yosul’ (Magic) gives people a sense of mystery. In addition, the three main characters appeared in the poster implied a special relationship between themselves through their facial expressions.

It’s was said that Goo Hye Sun gave her very own views and ideas on the movie poster from the start. This shows the full expectation and love of Goo Hye Sun as a director of this movie. Goo Hye Sun wrote on her homepage saying that this is the first movie poster and she’s feeling very nervous.

Fans who have seen this poster comments that they are waiting for the movie premiere and waiting for sequel of the movie. They believe in Goo Hye Sun’s directing skills and are looking forward to watch this movie.
Goo Hye Sun ever directed short films before. This time she used music as the theme of her movie where she displayed her talents. The movie premiere will be on 24 June in South Korea.

Source From: TVDaily
Translated by: koreanclicks