[NEWS] f(x)'s Victoria is fluent in Korean

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Korea popular idol group f(x)'s Victoria, learn dancing since she was young. Her flexible body surprises everyone. This cute girl who come from China show off her handsome and attractive high kick action in MV which caught the attention of a lot of fans.

When the interview just started, Victoria open her eyes widely, try her best to speak in Korean. She said that her favourite track in this new album is < SURPRISE PARTY >. It's because during the recording of this song, the other f(x) members held a surprise birthday party for her.

It's less than a year since Victoria's debut but she can already use Korean to communicate fluently. She said "As a big sister as well as leader, the responsibility is really big. " " I'm the oldest, so in the beginning, I feel uncomfortable when I'm together with the younger members. Feels burden. As a group leader, I will take care of the other members, but most of the time, it seems like the other way round ( Laugh ). "

How's Victoria's popularity in China ? " A lot of fans leave me messages and also help me to promote ( the album ) through the internet. Really feel thankful towards them and also my family. Aren't we Asia superstar dancing group ? ( Laugh ) and also hope that everyone will anticipate our development in China in the future! "

Source : The-Star
Translated by : MilkShake@iheartfx.com
Chinese translation from : fx tieba