[News] F(x) Amber want to be like Super Junior's Eunhyuk?

Amber has received a lot of love from the fans because of her charisma on the stage as well as her powerful rapping skill. Hence, did a great job in their newest mini album's track <>. She said " This song is very cute, I think it's a song that everyone will like " ( Laughs )

Amber has attracted a lot of attention due to her weird appearance on Korea's entertainment industry. With short hair that look like a boy, Amber who is at the edge of misunderstanding ( live performance which sounds like a boy with husky voice ) feels suffered. "Actually i'm very worried with my first performance, many staff from the company also worried that my image can't be accepted by a lot of people. So you guys really like it, thank you for all the fans support, really thankful. Thank you, so much ~ '

Besides, there's also foreign members like Amber from other band. 2PM Nickhun, KARA Nicole etc. The foreign members are very good with each other off screen and they feel comfortable when they are together.

Amber hope to become a handsome rapper like Super Junior's Eunhyuk sunbae." I would like to know, my fans, do you like me as a good rapper and also a person who is very funny? hoho! "

Source : The-Star
Translated by : MilkShake@iheartfx.com
Chinese translation by : super静 @ AMBER家族