[News] Fans are jealous of a girl who was taking a picture with Donghae at library!

Korean actress Soy (soy_alice) uploaded a picture at her twitter account with one of the member of Super Junior just now. Yes you're right and he's Donghae! Many fans are jealous of her and looks like they are attacking this girl by leaving some harmful comments:
What? Oppa who is she? I HATE OPPA Huhuhu
-Who"s that girl??????? Hiks hiks!!!
-okay!! i dislike this!!!!!
-Donghae oppa Just Broke MY HEART~!! =( *crying* donghae why you!!

I think she was teaching Donghae something? Probably about acting lesson, they look cute together and i hope that in the end, Donghae did learn something from Soy.

** Soy is a movie actress and VJ in Korea. The movies that she participated before were Scary Hair in year 2005 and The Cut at 2007 and of course others too. And she is also a former member of South Korean group T.T.Ma.

Source: Soy_alice's twitter
Credits: Syee22 @ Daily K Pop News