[NEWS] BEAST Yoon DooJoon, what was the reason behind his disliking of Kim JungMin?

Yoon DooJoon, from the idol group BEAST had attracted attention by saying that he doesn’t like the actress Kim JungMin.

On the episode of ‘Need a family Season 4’ broadcasted on the 6th, the star family made up of Park JunKyu, Kang SooJi, Marco, Kim JungMin, and Han SunHwa (Secret) had gone to participate in the filming of KBS 2TV’s ‘Star Golden Bell’. On this day, while the family members were guessing the possible questions that might be asked of them, BEAST’s Yoon DooJoon visited their waiting room.

In between all the greeting that was going on between the family and Yoon DooJoon, Kim JungMin said, “Even though Yoon DooJoon is a guy, he has that sexy side of him,” confessing the attraction she feels towards him. However, Yoon DooJoon asked Kim JungMin, who has the same age as him, “Are you older than me?” giving her embarrassment.

Also Yoon DooJoon stated, “I really liked your old drama ‘Sharp’,” making Kim JungMin happy, but soon after he said, “I liked Go Ara-ssi from it though,” and added, “I really disliked Kim JungMin-ssi” making Kim JungMin fired up. In the past, Kim JungMin played the role of the mean girl in the student drama ‘Sharp’.

In addition, when Kim JungMin asked the question “Who is better between Han SunHwa and me?”, DooJoon, without even a bit of hesitation, stated “SunHwa-yang is better” giving Kim JungMin another embarrassment situation while others laughed at the situation.

Meanwhile, on this episode of ‘Need a family’ the family went out to the flower festival and played basketball, rode inline skates, and more enjoying their fun time out.

CREDITS: ReviewStar (SOURCE); aoistars@B2ST Rising (TRANS)