[NEWS] BEAST Yong Junhyung & Yang Yoseob exposed, "Yoon Doonjoon and MBLAQ's Lee Joon have changed"

BEAST's Yong Junhyung and Yang Yoseob revealed that member Yoon Doojoon and good friend MBLAQ's Lee Joon have changed after becoming popular.

Junhyung and Yoseob appeared on May 1st's episode of KBS 2TV Star Golden Bell. MC Ji Suk Jin asked, "Rumour has it that Yoon Doojoon has changed after becoming very popular". They applauded in agreement.

Junhyun said, "Doojoon is usually very casual and did as he pleased in the dorm. But when we are at broadcast stations he would say 'People will recognise us, be careful when we speak. We need to be luxury idols all the time.'" He also added, "The Yoon Doojoon at our dorm is someone who plays soccer wearing only his underwear".

MC Ji Suk Jin responded, "Not long ago, Lee Joon performed splits on the show. Yoon Doojoon stayed still and didn't do anything just to watch his image". Yoon Doonjoon quickly changed the topic, "The one who has really changed is Lee Joon".

Junhyung said, "Today when we met him at the waiting room. I was very happy to see him so I wanted to give him a hug. But he just said 'Hi' and walked away." Responding to this, Lee Joon asked, "Isn't it enough to greet and say hello? What else should I do?" Junhyung, Doojoon and Yoseob replied in unison, "You should hug", "A little hug", "That's too mean". Lee Joon was left speechless.

Source: Review Star
Chinese translation: MassuL @ MBLAQCHINA
English translation: bibimbap @ ABSOLUTEMBLAQ