[NEWS] BEAST JunHyung revealed a comical selca

Idol group BEAST Yong JunHyung posted up a new selca photo on his minihompy on 25th May showing his ‘transformation’ as Super Mario.

In the photo, he was seen wearing a purple hat and. And he was also seen with the drawings of moustache similar to that of cartoon Super Mario. Yong JunHyung has also shown a charismatic side of him through his performances on stage, and this comical photo has garnered much interests from fans.

Fans’ comments are, “Cute. This is Yong JunHyung”, “Daebak”, “Yong JunHyung is sense jjang”, “Where did his usual charms go?” etc.
Meanwhile, BEAST recently ended their ‘Shock Of The New Era’ and will be starting on their overseas promotions soon.
credit: K Bites