[news] Are female idols pressured too much to stay skinny and thin?

Lately, a lot of netizens online are criticizing and scrutinizing female idols and their weight.

Most netizens stereotype female idol celebrities as perfect and by perfect I mean: Skinny, Pretty, perfect complexion, silky hair, Curvy, a beautiful face and a less than normal weight. Any idol's seen with a small imperfection are immediately talked a lot online making news and making issue's.

Here are some of the famous celebrities who have been scrutinized for having "belly fat" or being scrutinized by their weight.

1. Goo Hara of KARA
She has been on a lot of issues after being named having an "Ant waist" as she was seen with such a tiny waist for their "Mister" promotions, but on the music video for Lupin she was sitting down and was being pointed at having "belly fat".

Fans said that it's ridiculous to call that belly fat and it was just because she wore tight pants and was sitting down and it was just "Skin" not belly fat, Goo Hara replied to the issue saying that she was happy she was contributing to the fame of Kara's Music video.

Goo Hara has one of the smallest waist "20 inches" and this is due to her petite physic and small bone structure. This is normal for her even though she eats a lot she doesnt gain much weight, this is because of genes and her metabolism.

2. Park Bom of 2ne1
Park Bom has been scrutinized several times already on her weight. Unlike Goo Hara, Park Bom has more meat in her an has a bigger physic than Hara. Park Bom likes to eat corn and bread which packs a lot of carbs and a no-no to girls on diets. She has to constantly work out to stay fit.

Despite her attempts to stay fit, Park Bom is known for being the "sexy" girl in the group with her outfits always revealing her legs with skin tight short dresses and short shorts, still netizens call her fat despite the circumstances. And yes I have heard a lot of people commenting she looks fat.

Park Bom has it difficult maintaining her figure but she is also one of the sexiest girls on Kpop especially with her honey thighs.

3. Tiffany of SNSD
Tiffany has been on several issue's regarding her weight, but most recently, Fans said she needed to work out more after seeing her with a joint stage with 2pm for the Year end shows. Tiffany was criticized for having belly fat wearing a skin tight jeans and revealing part of her belly.

Tiffany has been defended by fans saying that she was wearing skinny jeans and that skinny jean's exaggerates your body fat. Despite being called for several times for having "fat" in her, Tiffany still prides that she still has the right figure and is at her best.

4. Nicole of KARA
Although she wasn't criticized a lot by fans, she said that she needed to loose weight cause she has a fuller figure than some idols. Plus, her best friend Key from SHINee kept on bugging her to loose weight~ So I guess now we know where she got the motivation!

And for their Lupin comeback, she shed a lot of weight.

5. Taeyeon of SNSD
Recently, she has been criticized by fans because of her "belly fat" during their concert in China where Chinese fans uploaded a photo of her showing her "belly fat"

Fans said that she was wearing really tight jeans defending her from netizens accusing taeyeon having belly fat. Having a little body fat on her doesn't make her fat right? Plus, I dont think one picture will take down Taeyeon.

A lot of Idol's go on rigorous diet and excessive exercise just to keep fit. Remember SNSD on the issue that their daily calorie intake was lower than the normal and healthy calorie intake of girls their age?

Although these celebrities are just human which sometimes netizens tend to forget, they are pressured to be more than perfect to be found of no fault in order please the public and excel in terms of appearance, Why you would ask?

Because, that is their Job.

It is part of their job being celebrities to be on the top, having talents and skills that not all average human has.

Even though, My point is that, it's sometimes hypocritical to hate on girl to be fat when you yourself have your own imperfections. People tend to criticize idol's and their figure saying bad things in order to boost their self esteem. Isn't it a little to hard for the idol's to be called names and pointed fingers at just because some people have issue's on their self-respect?

It just goes to show that when you point a finger at someone, you don't realize that there are three more fingers pointing back at you.

These criticism's on female Kpop idol's aren't constructive criticism anymore, its something beyond that. But no matter what there will always be issue's on kpop idols it's just on this particular issue, it's getting out of hand and uncalled for.

article by: Blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews