[NEWS] 100512 Choshinsei Starting their Movie Debut in "Kimi ni Love Song o"!!! - Supernova's YoonHak Talks About Being Compared to Tohoshinki

On May 11th, Korean unit Choshinsei attended the stage greeting of their debut movie "Kimi ni Love Song o" at the TOHO Cinema Roppongi!

All the members are appearing in the movie and are challenged with their Japanese language skills. According to SungJe "the Japanese pronunciation is difficult, but I was able to work hard on it with the support of the movie staff." Minamizawa Nao, who is playing the lover in the story, said: "The chemistry between me, the reliable SungJe and the mood maker JiHyuk was really good.", "I am happy but together with JiHyuk it was just a little..." SungJe said with a wry smile.

When asked about comparison with Tohoshinki, who have recently announced the pausing of their activities, YoonHak said "We respect them a lot so being compared to them makes us happy." However, he added in a humble way:"Until we reach them though, there is still a long way to go. Still, we will give our best, I think!"

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