[Info] The Stories Behind Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young's Wedding

On top is the photo that included Jang Dong-Gun and Go So-Young’s friends after the wedding. Looks like Rain is in the circle marker on top right corner. Many criticized Lee Hye-Young for wearing a strong red dress and being more noticeable than the bride.

Go So-Young was 4 months pregnant but you couldn’t tell that she was pregnant in her gorgeous wedding dress.

The wedding was divided into two parts: 1st part was the vow and the second was the reception. During first part Go So-Young wore the white dress and for the second part she wore a black silk dress. At end of part two, Jang Dong-Gun made a comment recent unfortunate events happening in Korea and told that he had wanted a quite wedding. Then he thanked the guests for coming to his wedding.

Lee Hye-Young had received the bouquet. Actor Jung Woo-Sung received a flower from Jang Dong-Gun.

Because of their pregnancy, many assumed that they will go honeymoon within Korea or nearby country. They considered a place within Korea but thought that they would receive too much spotlight if they were to stay in Korea and therefore chose to travel to Bali.


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