[Info] Lee Jung Hyun Comeback Dates & Details

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Lee Jung Hyun's comeback schedule has been released, as well as the title of her 7th album, and a possible track list.

Detailed Schedule:

MV Teaser
May 7

MV + 7th Album
May 11

Korea and Japan Red Cross Charity Concert
May 8 (7:00 p.m.)
Shanghai, China

KBS Music Bank
May 14

MBC Music Core:
May 15

SBS Inkigayo
May 16

Stars Concert
May 18-19
Jiangsu Yancheng, China

Album Info:

Album Title - LEE JUNG HYUN 007TH
Title Track - AVATAR

1. 007TH(INTRO) - 작곡 안영민

첫소절 - Let's Get it Change

3. 수상한남자 - 작사/곡 안영민
첫소절 - 도대체니가왜지금여기있는데

4. 연 - 작곡 윤일상/작사 김영아
첫소절 - 떠나야만하나요보내야만하나요

5. 왜이래 - 작곡 윤일상,고동균 /작사- 김이나
첫소절 - 너왜이래답답하게왜이래

6. 이니미니마니모

Google Translated:

1. 007TH (INTRO) - composer anyoungmin

The first verse - Let's Get it Change

3. Award A Man - lyrics / songs anyoungmin
The first line - why the hell you're here right now

4. Open - composed yunilsang / lyricist gimyoungah
The first line - do I have to leave can I send a million

5. Come On - music yunilsang, godonggyun / Lyrics - gimyina
The first line - neowaeyiraedapdaphagewaeyirae

6. Is Nemo Mini Do

Most people now think of the James Cameron directed film when the word "avatar" is mentioned but according to the all-knowing Wikipedia, an avatar "refers to a deliberate descent of a deity from heaven to earth, and is mostly translated into English as incarnation, but more accurately as appearance or manifestation."

It's possible that her album concept is based on the film, but "Avatar" could also be a play on her English name "Ava." She's also used an Egyptian concept in the past, for her second album, so it is likely she is merely interested in pulling from Hinduism and Indian culture for her comeback.

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