[Fancafe] 100430 Heechul Entry at Kiseki

Title: Family Outing2
Date/Time: 2010.04.30 / 01:10 am

The notice came out today, everyone is showing surprise, awaiting for it, and they’re also showing worries..
Like, what everyone knows, I have become the permanent member of Family Outing 2!!
papapapa* (clapping sound)^-^
During these time, I bear with don’t go to variety shows, so why is it so sudden?!
There are many fans that asked (for it)!! I actually used to talk blindly and think about it in all ways,
ㅡAlso, thinking while watching other works.. Since you only live for a lifetimeㅡfeels that you have to live with loyalty,
And because I value the age, therefore I think it’s important to be loyal,
And there are a lot of parts that like me like this~?ㅋㅋ And also,
When I first debuted at “X-man” I didn’t know anything, even before SJ debut, but PD took care of me a lot;
I was named “the Acting Genius” and also was officially called “Pretty Man”!! hu..
Now my age(ㅠ_ㅠ)
After that, I have been on many shows, and already knew hyung for 5 years^-^
I also want to continue acting, and I’m more worried about my image than anyone else
Just like what I said, I have to create my own future.. no one can’t replace my life for me
So, no matter how is my image, what should I do to be right, I pulled my hair everyday to think(T-T) Really, there isn’t nothing that I’ve never done.. It’s like this..

Variety Show

I had perfectly digest all the one listed above.. Looking at me and asking like that..
“In every exam (you) will dream of getting 100. But 100 isn’t that easy to achieve just like you are dreaming..
If the grades isn’t good, (you) will receive many blames, even though grades means nothing.
Even if it is the case, also can’t give up while crying.
Need to achieve 100 and need to keep improving, isn’t a fool also,
can’t keep repeating the same mistake in life
Further more, I’m also not the one at the bottom? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
I answered this way and the people who heard it went “oh.. these words are cool -ah?”
Saying like that ㅋㅋ
This seems like the right way to say it but, when you look at it on the other way, it becomes a proud way of saying. I really did many things during these 5 years, it’s happy and is tough also..
This (career) really suits me?.. So serious that I thought of giving up..
My inner heart has never relaxed, is always in anxiety (worrying) Travelling around while doing overseas concerts really widen my insight and let me gain many experiences
Now, it’s like getting a globe as a present, andㅡhas to spin it one round and see it like aㅡkid. “Wah~ really broad.. there are really many people on Earth.. wah..”
(My) Thoughts also became more broad-minded. Why~
Don’t close the door when you’re in the room and instead has to open it, isn’t there such a saying?
Because you can see a broader floor board so why do must (you) close the door?
When humans are doing things, which is the better one?.. and cannot shout for a pause.
I’m sleepy now so, whatever that I’m writing, it’s ambiguous to me too..


Joining Family Outing 2, I will complete the 100 marks test.
Of course, I’m not sure which grades I’ll can get ㅋㅋ
When everyone is on exams, no one will think “I must finish the 50 marks test”
I’m really thankful to the crew that choosen me~ and I can understand that (they) have a level of trust on me.
I’m really thankful to the people that agreed to let me join (Family Outing2)~ This playground that you guys created toughly, I just need to join it and play^-^ If the eyes are close, of course you can’t see anything
If one eye is openㅡthen (you) can see many things
If both eyes are open you can seeㅡeverything.. No one will not understand this, right? ㅋ
Don’t open only half of your heartㅡit will be good if you treat everything as Famille rose**^-^
What have been done in the past.. What have been seen in the past… What have been lived in the past…
Must do it happily!!
And also
Me too, let you all have the common feeling!! I’m only the extraordinary bread (?)

T/N Famille rose **
Famille rose (also known as fencai or ruan cai, meaning ‘soft colours’, and later as yang cai, meaning ‘foreign colours’) was introduced during the reign of Kangxi (1654–1722), possibly around 1720. It used mainly pink or purple and remained popular throughout the 18th and the 19th centuries.
Famille rose enamel ware allows a greater range of colour and tone than was previously possible, enabling the depiction of more complex images, including flowers, figures and insects.
It is made by drawing a sketch on the shaped clay, which is then covered with ‘glassy white’ (bo li bai), an opaque white enamel (lead arsenate), and painted in detail with the mixture of pigment and oil, before firing.

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