Tae Yeon's Weekly Chin Chin Corner (4th week of April)

What to do? What to do? No more Chin Chin picture updates. Let's cherish these last batches of photos together, shall we? Taeng DJ, forever! We shall all view these video cuts and laugh with you until the last day, tomorrow.

100420 Chin Chin - SNSD's "Echo" (w/ Tae Yeon)

100420 Chin Chin - "Almost" (cover by IU)

Say It With Us.. "I U~!" (100420 Chin Chin)

What An Ultimate Fan Boy Sounds Like (100420 Chin Chin)

Tae Yeon Got That "Magic~!" (100420 Chin Chin)

Tae Yeon's Laughter and Snorts (100420 Chin Chin)

Stop the Show! Tae Yeon's Hair is a Mess! (100420 Chin Chin)

100421 Chin Chin - "Whenever, Wherever, Whatever" + "Umbrella" (w/ Tae Yeon)