[News] Yesung is fan of Moon Geun Young?

Moon Geun Young's "Succesful fan" Yesung ? Topic of "Cinderella's sister" OST's participation

Moon Geun Young acts in "Cinderella's Sister, while Moon Geun Young's fan Yesung sings for the OST?

It Has To Be You" ㅡ the theme song for KBS 2TV Drama "Cinderella's Sister" sung by Super Junior's Yesung ㅡ recently became a hot topic. Yesung has been Moon Geun Young's fan since 2004, when the popular movie "Little Bride" came out, and from his trainee days up until now he's been openly saying "Moon Geun Young is my ideal type".

A person close to Yesung said, "Yesung really likes Moon Geun Young, he dragged people to see Moon Geun Young's movies several times", and he hinted "Even before becoming an entertainer Yesung was a big fan of her, and this time he has also participated in the OST with the heart of a crazy fan."

With the song "
It Has To Be You", this time Yesung became a hot topic because of his excellent singing. Moon Geun Young especially chose "It Has to be You" as her background music on her personal minihompy, making him be known as 'the successful fan'.

◇ Yesung's song is featured as the background music on Moon Geun Young's minihompy.

It's like killing two birds with one stone because, while idol singer Yesung is surely making himself be known by his 'own idol', "It Has To Be You" has been receiving a lot of love. Currently "
It Has To be You" is ranked 3rd on Box OST Chart, 5th on MNet OST Chart, and it has been rising towards the top of all kind of charts.

Furthermore, Yesung's fans have been responding with congratulatory messages on his message board: "You like Moon Geun Young so much that your song had to be successful " , "With this opportunity, it would be nice if your name got more popular. Congratulations."

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