[NEWS] Wonder Girls show signature dance on TVBS!

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 WONDERGIRLS comes to TVBS, flaunts signature dance
TVBS update: 2010/04/21 21:35

WONDERGIRLS's first night in Taiwan was spent filming for TVBS. Upon seeing "Hot News" 哈新闻 show's host Smile Tzymann 翁滋蔓, they immediately started cavorting to 'Nobody.' Apart from showing awesome dancing skills, they also introduced themselves in Chinese. WONDERGIRLS said that they practiced the language very hard for the Taiwan fans.

Korean super-popular girl-group WONDERGIRLS: "Step into the TVBS studio & immediately flaunt the signature 'Nobody' dance steps. Show host Smile Tzymann cannot help but join in."

WONDERGIRLS member: "Hello everybody, I am Lim." WONDERGIRLS member: "Hello everybody, I am Sohee." WONDERGIRLS member: "I am Yeeun. Very happy to meet you all."

In the face of the Taiwanese's enthusiasm, WONDERGIRLS kept their sweet smiles despite not having slept for 30 hours. WONDERGIRLS member Lim: "I heard Taiwan's 'pizza snack' 手抓餅 is very delicious."

Smile Tzymann: "Which one? What?" Lim: "'Pizza snack.'" Smile Tzymann: 'Pizza snack,' delicious."
Taiwan is such a gourmet paradise that, upon arriving, WONDERGIRLS asked aloud to their nearby staff about bubble tea, steamed dumplings, & wanting to eat their fill. Reporter: "What well-known places in Taiwan do you want to visit?" WONDERGIRLS member: "Taipei 101, & also the night markets."

To eat & to play, this first appearance at TVBS. The full interview details will air intact on 'Hot News' at 8pm on April 22.

Credit: Qoxie@Soompi bluemercuty @ wondergirls.com.tw  & Wgspectacle!