[NEWS] Wonder Girls meet Wilber Pan!

Super-popular Korean girl-group WONDERGIRLS's 4-day, 3-night trip was packed with activities. After completing the fan event at CPcity Living Mall, they went their staff to 'Din Tai Fung' to feast on steamed dumplings. The original plan was to entertain WONDERGIRLS with this delicacy on their day of arrival. But the hectic schedule had caused them to return to their hotel for rest instead. Yet their staff continued to praise the delicious dumplings, tempting the group members to vow about sampling some before their departure. Still, LIM & Yeeun were dieting & missed out on the tasting.

Wilber Pan also showed up at the celebratory meal. His manager & WONDERGIRLS are well acquainted, & Wilbur got to play host & invite WONDERGIRLS to a treat. During the feast, WONDERGIRLS divulged they wanted to wash up & dress down so as to hit the Taipei night markets. Thereupon, Wilber took out travel cards & enthusiastically invited them to take the subway down together. WONDERGIRLS was looking forward to it, but the weather was not good & the plan was canceled. But WONDERGIRLS & Wilber Pan chatted merrily at the celebratory meal & mutually hoped to work together in the future. They even agreed to roam Taipei together next time. The group members' relish for steamed dumplings were written all over their faces. Sunye specially spoke in Chinese: "I've eaten my fill!" When departing, she even ordered several boxes of red-bean buns as takeaway, full of praise for Taiwan food!

For this Taiwan trip, WONDERGIRLS got to sample many kinds of local fare at the press conference. They were most won over by the pineapple cookies, even requesting their staff to take along 20 boxes before their departure. 4,50 [typo] enthusiastic fans gathered at the airport to send them off, endowing them nonstop with gifts. WONDERGIRLS is very fan-devoted & carried all the goodies ad-hoc into the flight, consequently exceeding their luggage limit. They will fly to Shanghai next for further activities, taking with them beautiful memories, the fans' & media's warm responses, while hoping to return & meet up with Taiwan fans as soon as possible!

trans: qoxie@soompi
source: http://umusicjpop.pixnet.net/blog/post/26655695