[news] Taeyeon's last broadcast for Chin Chin ended with tears

Today April 25 was the last broadcast as Taeyeon as the DJ on MBC Chin Chin which started from 8pm to 11pm. Taeyeon had to leave being a DJ for the show after being the DJ for almost two years because of her preparations for her musical "Song of the Sun" and oversea's activities for SNSD.

The rest of the SNSD members also visited her on the first part of the show and Hye Yeon and Doojoon of beast were the guest for the show as well. All she could say to fans begging her to stay on the show was "sorry" since the situation couldn't be helped.

Taeyeon couldn't help but tear up after reading fans messages and also the fans cheering and supporting her on the show.

Source: newsen
Credits: blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews(dkpopnews.net)