[news] Taek's underwear scene on Cinderella Sister!

2pm Taekyeon is currently acting for KBS' Cinderella Sister along with top actress Moon Geun Young. Taekyeon appeared with a lot of masculinity especially on his "underwear scene" where he was only wearing a tank top and boxers.

The female staff found it a burden during shooting, some even commented that his body is a little closer to perfection. Taekyeon is a rookie when it comes to acting and so far he is doing well with Cinderella sister. Taekyeon looked perfect for the scene with his tall height and perfect body.

Meanwhile, Cinderella Sister is holding a strong 2 digit rating with its latest viewing rating of 20.7%.

Source: nate
Credits: blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews(dkpopnews.net)