[news] Taecyeon's first appearance on 'Cinderella Sister' gains interest of the viewers

2PM's beast man Taecyeon, the last hidden card for 'Cinderella Sister' was finally played.

On the 8th, the fourth episode of drama 'Cinderella Sister' revealed the adult transformations of Eun Ji (Moon Geun Young) and Hyo Sun (Seo Woo).

In particular, the transformation of Jung Woo, the fat adolescent who shouted "But I love you nuna!", into a warm hearted Han Jung Woo (Taecyeon) has been garnering much interest from the viewers.

Taecyeon's first acting challenge is the naive character of Han Jung Woo who has an unrequited love for Eun Jo. How the chubby adolescent grows up to have such solid muscles is causing a great stir of curiosity, and many viewers are looking forward to next week's episode.

At the production conference, Taecyeon said "My acting is still a bit awkward, but I'm getting the help from the other actors and putting in my best effort", "I'm just glad that Jung Woo isn't a character who talks a lot".

Meanwhile it is being predicted that Jung Woo's appearance will unveil a new story line of a tight love triangle between Eun Jo and Hyo Shin. In particular, how the consequences of Eun Jo's solid love for Gi Hun (Chun Jung Myung) since their younger days will turn out is currently a hot topic.

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